Thursday, March 27, 2008

My FFF(Fast Friend Forever)

In my odd times, you stood by me,
You brought a reason for my striking glee,
You spread the magic of your charm,
your company was a blessing without a harm,
thinking u is my everyday's passion,
I can't hide from you my silly obsession!
You will be special to me, ask me Ever,
That's how you've been my Fast Friend Forever!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Packers and Movers

In childhood days, i always liked to see more of anything, be it More cakes, more cookies, more gulab jamuns, more toys, videogames, and much more of mores.

Bt this fascination of mine grew onto become a paranoid when i discovered that these Mores are not only the pleasers. More tension, more work, more nightmares of ur bull shaped bosses, more responsibilities of Girlfriends and top of all More and MORE Crowd to accompany u in local bus to make ur journey happily IRRITATING AND PESKY.

As i m travelling in a jampacked vehicle, a vehicle i said because, from naked eye, its hard to guess dat this men-clad moving thing actualy is a bus! The poor passengers are hanging like linen left to dry in open air. They are hugging on anything they can hold, be it shaft of bus, window's pane, partner's waist or even poor conductor's leg. I can easily sense on the roads of delhi, how the Leaning Tower of Pisa will look while moving.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting back...from class

I just stole some time to write this entry. Juz finished attending the 2nd week of my MBA class.

Feeling immensly hungry and my mind is tortourously tempting me 2 think about sweet yummy fresh pastries or creamy pudding with fresh pulpy pineapple pieces, that i often like 2 have at a newly opened local bakery shop Baker's Island. But thinking about the fact that my weight gain has already assisted the gravitational pull, i am trying to trap and kill this temptation..... After all, PET KA SAWAAL HAI ;-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blossom-ed after Holi..

Qweeek ... What are these creatures???!! I imaginatively thought about your first reaction after seeing the accompanying pic. All horrible and weired looking zombie like human species standing to get themselves clicked !!

But i may never deny the fun we had this holi. All of us were happily engrossed in herbal Gulaal and having fun!

If as per my understanding, you are piercing your sight to spot whos who, lemme introduce you to the Ugly Team

Starting from Left :
Gaurav, Ravi, Me(of course the center of all eyes! :), Yashpal a.k.a Bittoo and Mannu.

Rocky was missing as he flew for his AOL(its 'Art of living' and not 'America On-Line', he is still in India) get together! We missed him.
But we didn't missed the festive which brings all of us together and gives a change to hug each other and tell that yes, we are there for you in your Good and bad times. Even Zombies have a heart, you see? :)

Getting ready for Holi ..

Today's Morning is a bit jittery, due to the fact that i slept by 2 in the morning(was watching Taare Zameen Par - 5th Time !!). The first thing which i did after waking up is to send the sweet wishes to all my mates on mail, scrapping all and sending text too. phew ... sometimes i feel how much far i go ahead to make sure none in my friends circle lefts out. Holi, is not the "aisa waisa" festival anywez.

For me, two festivals in the form of Holi and Diwali holds special meanings, Holi lets you be a Spoilt brat, permits you to create as much Havoc and nuances in your neighbourhood and Diwali gives you an opportunity to revert one's ill deeds done at Holi by sitting like a lame duck before god and praying with Folded hands.

While sitting today and writing this blog entry, i am getting tempted to jump out and make some dhamaal. Feeling very excited and will try to live my childhood.

Looking eagerly forward to Play red, black, blue and brown. But my suggestion to self and you. Please use the herbal colors only. The locally made colors may ruin your skin, and as far as possible be aware of water ballons. They sometimes may hit you like a flying saucer.

ना पिचकारी की धार से
ना रंगो की बौछार से
बंदा डरता है तो सिर्फ़
गुब्बारो की मार से !

The celebrations have already started in and around my Mohalla! So, here i go ... But i will definitely not miss to put my pic, plastered in various contrasting colors for your Discomfort.

Till then .....

Happy Holi To You All !!

Friday, March 21, 2008

(S) "NO" (W) Limitiations

Lots of things had happened in the past ... A trip to the beautiful place .. Haldwani with the complete office gang to the marriage of one of our office colleague.

We wandered to haldwani and then moved to the picturesque beauty of Nainital. For the first time, i was elated (indeed that is the very small word) to see the snow. We touched and played with it like maniacs.

Though the snow was less, but our spirit was not! We climbed beautiful mountainous locations of Nainital, we drove and rush like the rabbit. The chilling weather was delight and so was the soothing feeling of having a great company along.

It's very seldom that i have found so much enthusiasm and fervour in my skeleton. It would be better if i would leave this to the reader to his imagination. If you have been to some Hill Station, you may clearly imagine.
Though this was not my first time at hills, but yes surely my first encounter with Snow, and that made this visit to nainital a surely landmark!

Thanks for Socket(Saket is his actually name!) for putting up his marriage at such a astounding place.

This trip would stay in the books of my memorable moments for a long time. ... perhaps .. till i visit some other Snowy Den next time. Any of my friends listening..?

Lets plan another trip yaar! Life is going away .. just like that ... Without the SNOW!! :)

I am Humorously Serious

One fine day, God appeared before a Moron and said: “I shall grant you a wish … Ask me”.
Moron: “God, I wish to be alive … Till I die!! “

Humor, the way to define this term is an arduous task, but without a molecule of doubt, Humor invites an instant attention no matter to whatever society, language or culture one belongs to. Few brands of humor I may classify from the world around me are: Wry Humor, Blunt humor, Leg-pull Humor, Decent humor. In my life I had faced many of these sorts, some bitter, some meaningful and some otherwise.

Besides the above mentioned genres of Humor, I have gathered one more type into my kitty. That is “Observational humor”. It’s as it sounds! No one will come to you and blow his breath to make you laugh out of your wits, but it is something that needs to be observed from the world around. Say, a dog relieving all his tensions on the Pole at the center of your locality may sometimes goes un-noticed, but surely you won’t miss it if in your weirdest of dreams, you heard AKASHWANI from God that you are going to be a Municipality POLE in your next Avatar!! …. Now.. hey don’t stop that Dog … at least for this Birth of yours? Take another such example of calm humor:

A boy visits a gift shop and asks the Salesman:
Is there any card which expresses .. “I Love you only”?
Sales Man: Yes, it’s Available.
Boy: Fine, pack 20 cards!

Though I am not that much proud of my Sense of humor, but definitely believes that the most effective and inevitable part of humor is the expression and variation in the pitch of one’s voice when the ball needs to be rolled out! I remember one of my friend in High-School who always had good jokes up on his sleeves, but every time he shoots a JOKE, we innocuously configures our face to stay helplessly serious like if his jokes are bible to us. His situation aggravates when he has to do another effort to tell us that the Joke has actually got over and we are ought to LAUGH!!

Nevertheless, laughter may or may not be situational, it might be sarcastic humor too. But the foremost thing to note is anytime, if humor is stretched too far beyond one’s comfort, it becomes a pinch of pepper. One should take everyone into the stride. You can easily target your humor towards somebody, but exaggeration of this excitement’s carcass may become burial of healthy relation.

That’s why they say ..

Writing Comics is a Serious JOB!”

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

..... Who's there? - Me Recharged !~~~

Knock knock knock ........

Visitor: Is anybody there ....?
Me: Yes, i am here ... say ..?
Visitor: Hi, I am Eric ... Eric Schmidt (i could easily sense the Bond .. James Bond Aroma in his hoarse voice !).
Me: Eric ..? what is this name? You are so miser in even keeping your name!
Eric: let bygones be bygones dear, actually i came here to ask for your permission.
Me: My permission .. for what? Presidential elections in US?
Eric: Aah .. no, Hilary will handle that, I came here to wake you from your grave and ask for your permission, if we can close you down on our Google Servers?
Me: Your google servers?
Eric: Yeah! I am the CEO of Google!
Me: Oooh wow!
Eric: Shut up(His face was stern like my primary school's headmaster)! Just tell me what should we do about the unusual amount of space which you are sitting on like a hungry vulture?
Me: I use it ..
Eric: wat for? to check your network speed? or to flaunt before your friend of your email account which you will never visit? or to impress girls that you write articles on the Blogger?
Me: No, i doooont do that ... you see, accidentally i got popular....
Eric: yes, popular of being lame moron, sitting worthlessly without writing anything on blogger!?
Me: I will write ... surely ...
Eric: what? what you will write? the monotonous technical article, to which millions have snubbed. You see, your last article was more of a copy paste thing ...
Me: oops! you caught me .. hmmm ...
Eric: I will need your promise.
Me: ... that i will always Copy Paste from other sites?
Eric: No, moron, that you will do regular blogging.
Me: Ya, surely ..
Eric: what surely?
Me: hmm .. I promise that!
Eric: Good! so just get on now ... Kick on again.
Me: Thanks eric.
Eric: Oh, thanks for waking you off your sleep? is it?
Me: No!! For letting me know ..."Who is the CEO of Google!!!!!" :)

Eric(on cellphone): Hello, James, Please do me a favor, Deactivate Manish's Blog
Me: ... Nooo ... I was kidding ... err.. eric...

wifffffff ..... Eric .. where are you eric?? Heloo ...
I was looking helplessly around me, i can't see anything but bright sunlight everywhere around me. Time to wake up and do some blogging. I am back guys! Thanks to Eric Schmidt

Say out LOUD !