Friday, March 21, 2008

(S) "NO" (W) Limitiations

Lots of things had happened in the past ... A trip to the beautiful place .. Haldwani with the complete office gang to the marriage of one of our office colleague.

We wandered to haldwani and then moved to the picturesque beauty of Nainital. For the first time, i was elated (indeed that is the very small word) to see the snow. We touched and played with it like maniacs.

Though the snow was less, but our spirit was not! We climbed beautiful mountainous locations of Nainital, we drove and rush like the rabbit. The chilling weather was delight and so was the soothing feeling of having a great company along.

It's very seldom that i have found so much enthusiasm and fervour in my skeleton. It would be better if i would leave this to the reader to his imagination. If you have been to some Hill Station, you may clearly imagine.
Though this was not my first time at hills, but yes surely my first encounter with Snow, and that made this visit to nainital a surely landmark!

Thanks for Socket(Saket is his actually name!) for putting up his marriage at such a astounding place.

This trip would stay in the books of my memorable moments for a long time. ... perhaps .. till i visit some other Snowy Den next time. Any of my friends listening..?

Lets plan another trip yaar! Life is going away .. just like that ... Without the SNOW!! :)

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