Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Packers and Movers

In childhood days, i always liked to see more of anything, be it More cakes, more cookies, more gulab jamuns, more toys, videogames, and much more of mores.

Bt this fascination of mine grew onto become a paranoid when i discovered that these Mores are not only the pleasers. More tension, more work, more nightmares of ur bull shaped bosses, more responsibilities of Girlfriends and top of all More and MORE Crowd to accompany u in local bus to make ur journey happily IRRITATING AND PESKY.

As i m travelling in a jampacked vehicle, a vehicle i said because, from naked eye, its hard to guess dat this men-clad moving thing actualy is a bus! The poor passengers are hanging like linen left to dry in open air. They are hugging on anything they can hold, be it shaft of bus, window's pane, partner's waist or even poor conductor's leg. I can easily sense on the roads of delhi, how the Leaning Tower of Pisa will look while moving.

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