Tuesday, March 18, 2008

..... Who's there? - Me Recharged !~~~

Knock knock knock ........

Visitor: Is anybody there ....?
Me: Yes, i am here ... say ..?
Visitor: Hi, I am Eric ... Eric Schmidt (i could easily sense the Bond .. James Bond Aroma in his hoarse voice !).
Me: Eric ..? what is this name? You are so miser in even keeping your name!
Eric: let bygones be bygones dear, actually i came here to ask for your permission.
Me: My permission .. for what? Presidential elections in US?
Eric: Aah .. no, Hilary will handle that, I came here to wake you from your grave and ask for your permission, if we can close you down on our Google Servers?
Me: Your google servers?
Eric: Yeah! I am the CEO of Google!
Me: Oooh wow!
Eric: Shut up(His face was stern like my primary school's headmaster)! Just tell me what should we do about the unusual amount of space which you are sitting on like a hungry vulture?
Me: I use it ..
Eric: wat for? to check your network speed? or to flaunt before your friend of your email account which you will never visit? or to impress girls that you write articles on the Blogger?
Me: No, i doooont do that ... you see, accidentally i got popular....
Eric: yes, popular of being lame moron, sitting worthlessly without writing anything on blogger!?
Me: I will write ... surely ...
Eric: what? what you will write? the monotonous technical article, to which millions have snubbed. You see, your last article was more of a copy paste thing ...
Me: oops! you caught me .. hmmm ...
Eric: I will need your promise.
Me: ... that i will always Copy Paste from other sites?
Eric: No, moron, that you will do regular blogging.
Me: Ya, surely ..
Eric: what surely?
Me: hmm .. I promise that!
Eric: Good! so just get on now ... Kick on again.
Me: Thanks eric.
Eric: Oh, thanks for waking you off your sleep? is it?
Me: No!! For letting me know ..."Who is the CEO of Google!!!!!" :)

Eric(on cellphone): Hello, James, Please do me a favor, Deactivate Manish's Blog
Me: ... Nooo ... I was kidding ... err.. eric...

wifffffff ..... Eric .. where are you eric?? Heloo ...
I was looking helplessly around me, i can't see anything but bright sunlight everywhere around me. Time to wake up and do some blogging. I am back guys! Thanks to Eric Schmidt

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