Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blossom-ed after Holi..

Qweeek ... What are these creatures???!! I imaginatively thought about your first reaction after seeing the accompanying pic. All horrible and weired looking zombie like human species standing to get themselves clicked !!

But i may never deny the fun we had this holi. All of us were happily engrossed in herbal Gulaal and having fun!

If as per my understanding, you are piercing your sight to spot whos who, lemme introduce you to the Ugly Team

Starting from Left :
Gaurav, Ravi, Me(of course the center of all eyes! :), Yashpal a.k.a Bittoo and Mannu.

Rocky was missing as he flew for his AOL(its 'Art of living' and not 'America On-Line', he is still in India) get together! We missed him.
But we didn't missed the festive which brings all of us together and gives a change to hug each other and tell that yes, we are there for you in your Good and bad times. Even Zombies have a heart, you see? :)

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