Friday, March 21, 2008

I am Humorously Serious

One fine day, God appeared before a Moron and said: “I shall grant you a wish … Ask me”.
Moron: “God, I wish to be alive … Till I die!! “

Humor, the way to define this term is an arduous task, but without a molecule of doubt, Humor invites an instant attention no matter to whatever society, language or culture one belongs to. Few brands of humor I may classify from the world around me are: Wry Humor, Blunt humor, Leg-pull Humor, Decent humor. In my life I had faced many of these sorts, some bitter, some meaningful and some otherwise.

Besides the above mentioned genres of Humor, I have gathered one more type into my kitty. That is “Observational humor”. It’s as it sounds! No one will come to you and blow his breath to make you laugh out of your wits, but it is something that needs to be observed from the world around. Say, a dog relieving all his tensions on the Pole at the center of your locality may sometimes goes un-noticed, but surely you won’t miss it if in your weirdest of dreams, you heard AKASHWANI from God that you are going to be a Municipality POLE in your next Avatar!! …. Now.. hey don’t stop that Dog … at least for this Birth of yours? Take another such example of calm humor:

A boy visits a gift shop and asks the Salesman:
Is there any card which expresses .. “I Love you only”?
Sales Man: Yes, it’s Available.
Boy: Fine, pack 20 cards!

Though I am not that much proud of my Sense of humor, but definitely believes that the most effective and inevitable part of humor is the expression and variation in the pitch of one’s voice when the ball needs to be rolled out! I remember one of my friend in High-School who always had good jokes up on his sleeves, but every time he shoots a JOKE, we innocuously configures our face to stay helplessly serious like if his jokes are bible to us. His situation aggravates when he has to do another effort to tell us that the Joke has actually got over and we are ought to LAUGH!!

Nevertheless, laughter may or may not be situational, it might be sarcastic humor too. But the foremost thing to note is anytime, if humor is stretched too far beyond one’s comfort, it becomes a pinch of pepper. One should take everyone into the stride. You can easily target your humor towards somebody, but exaggeration of this excitement’s carcass may become burial of healthy relation.

That’s why they say ..

Writing Comics is a Serious JOB!”

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