Saturday, March 22, 2008

Getting ready for Holi ..

Today's Morning is a bit jittery, due to the fact that i slept by 2 in the morning(was watching Taare Zameen Par - 5th Time !!). The first thing which i did after waking up is to send the sweet wishes to all my mates on mail, scrapping all and sending text too. phew ... sometimes i feel how much far i go ahead to make sure none in my friends circle lefts out. Holi, is not the "aisa waisa" festival anywez.

For me, two festivals in the form of Holi and Diwali holds special meanings, Holi lets you be a Spoilt brat, permits you to create as much Havoc and nuances in your neighbourhood and Diwali gives you an opportunity to revert one's ill deeds done at Holi by sitting like a lame duck before god and praying with Folded hands.

While sitting today and writing this blog entry, i am getting tempted to jump out and make some dhamaal. Feeling very excited and will try to live my childhood.

Looking eagerly forward to Play red, black, blue and brown. But my suggestion to self and you. Please use the herbal colors only. The locally made colors may ruin your skin, and as far as possible be aware of water ballons. They sometimes may hit you like a flying saucer.

ना पिचकारी की धार से
ना रंगो की बौछार से
बंदा डरता है तो सिर्फ़
गुब्बारो की मार से !

The celebrations have already started in and around my Mohalla! So, here i go ... But i will definitely not miss to put my pic, plastered in various contrasting colors for your Discomfort.

Till then .....

Happy Holi To You All !!

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