Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Boss - in His Worst best!

These days to our amazement, our simple looking decent boss is furious, angry, and that too just because of few simple reasons that he had avoided in the past.

He is clamouring us like Mountains, and the result is going to be retrospective. As we are the people who follow newton's law, we would not like to keep it to us, rather would give it back.

Seeing his burned up face all the time, is no pleasure in itself. He has to know, that maintaining his composure and motivating the employees is the perfect way to get the work done from the Employees. But sadly, this guy is choosing the wrong and unprofessional path. Reporting to the seniors above him, and putting us, before them. That is so unprofessional.

Someone should now have to teach what are the rules of the game. Hopefully next week would be all about teaching and making him learn, what we like, and how we work best!

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