Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Awesome Mausam

..... I think weather god do think that i am doing no justice to him by writing just one post on weather in delhi. The rain blessed delhi, in the morning was suffering from the aftermath of rain ... Humidity. The skin was acting like a rubber and glue. It was so sticky and muggy due to the high moisture content in the air. Somehow day passed once i entered office.

In the evening, everything was still same ... the weired weather with down troden feeling. But our weather god has someother thing in store. The good ol famous storm winds started to blew and within no time.. it started raining.

I was on my way back to home, so got full drenched with joy. When it started to rain, i was elated. After all, being delhi-ite ..I started loving free water.

To make the full us of this offseason water blessings, i tread slowly. On reaching home, i took no time to again pull of my socks and shoes and ran on top floor of house, keeping my parents amazed. Off goes my shirt, and i was feeling like leonardo-di-caprio.

Being a kid sometimes helps ... Today, like regular days, i started my day as adults, worked like elder ones .. and at the end, I was Kid all over again. That's how the days should be.

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