Saturday, June 14, 2008

MBA Exams from tomorrow ...

So, so , so !! MBA exams have finally arrived. Sitting in today, i can see the forthcoming exams(starting from tomorrow i.e. Sunday, 15th June 2008) will be a new Chapter all together. Besides having one Master degree with me, just an Year back, i thought to give myself a chance to venture into MBA degree.

In the rapidly developing environment, one has to keep him upgraded all the time. Striving should be the nature and Passionism be the Fervor. It's very hard to keep the study and Job, hand in Hand, but i believe, if one has the calibre to crack this up, he is surely going to reap the fruit of this at a later stage of his/her career.

Coming back to my MBA Examination, preparing for Exams will not be that much difficult(i think so..) as most of the content is similar to what i already have learn in my Graduation(Yeah .. i was a commerce student !) The major challenge lies in writing the paper as per the examiner's line of belief and preferences. The MBA examinations, as i may deduce, not only checks for your rememberance of a particular subject or points for that matter. rather, a good Examiner will stress more upon your Build up of the Solution and your Potential of Analyising the Facts.

For example, A Simple Basic Question, "What is the role of a manager?" may well be defined as the book-ish answer, which can easily be caught by the imagination of any Grad. But the Onus lies elsewhere. Its all about first getting into the shoes of examiner, and evaluate the answer accordingly. Manager is one who Establishes the connecting link between the Organizational Objectives and Employees goals, would be more suitable then listing down all the things which a manager does or can do in an Organization.

When i first joined, this course, I thought to exploit all my inner skills and hard labour to flourish, but sadly, my tiltation towards computers and a Bit of my carelessness prevented me to achieve what i wanted to ... in the first semester. But now, as this is the Final stages, i know, each moment is very special and precious, If i did the hard work now, and crack the exams well, i can offset all the mistakes i did in studying for the last six months. After this, i will be again in a reset position and i can start afresh from there. It's all about studying with precise technique and understanding of question and writing the nicely Evaluated answer.

So, my last few words for this post ...

There are NO shortcuts to hard work.


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