Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Everything happens for good …

Over the past week, I have been filled up with STUDIES, STUDIES and lots of it. So much so that I even forgot to think anything rational except the management principles. I may perhaps consider this mess as a self given gift. The unwilling reluctance to study, and the last minute rush all contributes to it. I had observed this in my last Master Degree study, and so is this time.

This has been the very first semester of my MBA Course, and its no proud feeling. I know I have to improve upon my mistakes. Study Is all about traversing the fragments over a larger period, rather than doing it vice-versa.

Studying for any management degree is not too tough, if you have the courage to show the zeal and enthusiasm within you. The basic ailment with the working people is that they tend to forgo the basic necessity of being in constant connection with the Growing demand of professionals and strive hard to make his mark by giving the adequate time to his studies.

I joined Distance learning mode of MBA, as I felt that it would be hard for me to Leave the Job, when I am at the crucial escalating juncture of my career. Leaving Job thereon would have meant the doom and destruction for me and career. Perhaps that would have been taken all my efforts in a different mode altogether.

I am happy that after doing my MCA(Masters of Computer Applications), I am pursuing but seeing the pattern of exams and quality of questions, I can feel, if I had fought better for this throughout the semester, I would had been a king.

The aspirations which I brought at the beginning of the semester are there …. Very much there .. but nastily lying on the couch. Well .. whatever happens .. It happens for Good.

Now I feel that life teaches you a lesson, one time and every time. If you have the capability to realise and correct your mistakes, you are bound to learn and earn better. I did, in this blog. I was lousy fellow throughout, but I would definitely try to do far far better and earn the King's Crown for myself.

Still … two exams that I wrote, went well. It was all about management principles and market research, so no problems in them, The tougher ones are yet to come into the scenery and I would be anticipating that they should go smooth as well. Keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes Locked to Courseware !! Time to study now …..

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