Monday, June 09, 2008

मसखरी at Office !

It all got started with the little mischief that strucked in my mind early in the morning. Our good friend Sanjeev, is often known as "Cheeku" but does not like to be called so .... So, I ensured, the morning for him reminds him about his Fruit-ful Identity :)

The first mission was to change his nameplate to his more famous version of naming.

Being first in the morning, this wasn't an ardous task. happened smoothly indeed.

So, now, i became the storekeeper of the cubicle. Just was waiting like an ailing tiger waiting for its victim. The smile says all .........

So, here enters our fruity pie, and he happily agrees to get him snapped,

Not realising that चीकू कट रहा है। :)

But it was too good of him that he took everything in lighter vein, a good person by heart and a jolly personality to be with. Good work Cheek...(oops Sanjeev !! )

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