Sunday, May 04, 2008

My New Lappy !!

Ladies & Gentlemen ... Presenting my new laptop!! Yesterday(3rd May 2008) i have bought a fresh n cool look new Laptop. Full of features and workhorse. This hit piece is no offence to the pocket too.

The model is HP Pavillion dv6767TX. It is full of features and strong streamline of hardware combinations.

Its already 2:30 A.M. and i am still not able to find any reason why i should leave my new darling ... and quit to bed!! So XCuse me plz ...:)

Posting Continued on 6th May 2008

Its been just three days since i have been playing with this beauty, but its already seemingly fantastic and eloquent. The dream machine, should i say? Good in looks and great in style. I am fascinated to know that DVD Scribe technology is a handsome property of this lappy. I would surely give a try by this weekend. DVD Scribe technology is basically a way by which the DVD Writer itself scribble over the DVD Surface, as per the design, one specifies. Its cool .. no?

The laptop has started making my life far far more easy and portable. Gone are the days when i used to sit on the desktop and write the blog posts. Now i just pack all my work and settle on bed, and pen down anything and everything. They say, the great thoughts comes at the end of the day, and when the writing at the end of the day is so comfortable, why should one abstain!?

So more blogs will be raining in ... I am waiting for this weekend when i would buy a wireless router to connect my lappy to internet and make it Complete Potent (not literally .. eh!)!!

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