Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Cozy summer day!!

My morning started with a usual all rush events. Caught the bus, and chatted with friends. When it came to weather, everyone started cursing the humidity. So Morning welcomed me with sweat all across the body. Little did i know, this is going to change .... into a much pleasant observation.

Gradually as the morning approached to 10 A.M. weather turned out into a sepia contrast. The cloud shadow formed umbrella all over the Sky. This was followed by the heavy blow of winds which were like bullets of winds-storm piercing the hot weather. The wind blew with the speed of Leopard running in the forest. News channels reported it to be 104 Kmph !! The day was providing the vividness of weather and was enjoyable to watch. I faced everything, be it dust cloud which blew on my face or the Little drizzle of rain which provided much needed relief in otherwise a thorny temperature.

The whole day went past fine .. cool weather .. cozy atmosphere and everything one could ask for. But the horrific tale appeared split large on Television when i reached home at night. 4 People died and 10 injured due to minor disasters taking place, as big trees with loose roots fell on cars and elsewhere. Several vehicles crumbled under the uprooted trees made a mockery of the good weather.

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