Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Additions ... Publisher is still ALIVE !!

Hi all,

Over the period, i got fed up with the same old routine text blogging without any flavor of spicy stuff. I was just observing how the video thing like youtube or dailymotion are taking internet by storm in inducing the predominance of video in the basic use, day to day.

To keep myself updated to this wind, i just have posted one youtube video titled "Tere Bin" sung wonderfully well by Pakistani singer Atif aslam. His voice made every single word in this lyrics worth thoughtful and enjoyable.

In addition to this, i also implemented the long desired slide show of my picasa pics. This slide show can be seen at the sidebar on the right of the screen. This morning i just had shot myself for the various moods, in various flavours .. be it .. Happy, Sad, crying, amazed, startled, curious and every other mood i can think of. I am sure the readers would like to see these new things.

But i prefer to keep these embedded videos to minimal.

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