Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Life and boundaries ....

As I am settling into the bed, my mind is whispering from inside, thinking about the all sorts of things that life holds and will present before me. There are various challenges and guidelines attached to this 80 odd years. I said 80 coz I love my life and expect myself to live at least that long.

Sometimes, I wish I could ask life all sorts of stupid questions, how and what will I get as the success? When will I be able to stand on my feet and say that in my own way, I dominate the world? When I would find the real happiness in myself, without any envy towards this world and the feeling of hatred? Answers are not easy to come by, are they?

Life moves, and like grain in the grind, we get along with it, with a mixed feeling of joy and dullness. Finding the undefined truth forgetting the Realistic presence to the mercy of our ideologies. Some day, this search will last …… last to make us realize, what we had lost in all these years.

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