Thursday, April 03, 2008

Booked for niceties

Booking, the tacky word may be discribed by the finesse ease and sheer clarity if we start relating this to the world spread around us.
I was brought up seeing the booking everywhere, be it hospitals, hotels, restaurants, train journeys. But one more kind of booking more pralevent are the booked array of seats in local transport. But instead of having a booking against a ticket, its more of a booking by virtue of one's GENDER!

In Delhi, NCR and elsewhere in India, women are alloted the booked seats which they may claim from any male species that is happily enjoying the comfort of nice journey.

I may not comment if booking of this sorts is correct or not, but i may sometimes face few such issues wherein the 'fight for right' or infact "Fight to hold Booked Seat Tight" gets crazy to crazier and ugly to uglier.

Men relentlessly love to go against the RULES, and sometimes not leave seat for ladies, and the fairer gender after getting tired of luring them with the cold wind of their smiles, starts getting infuriated.

My question is why we can't a mixed seating arrangement for Public transport? Are its only women who needs seats for comfort and men needs to leave space for the Ladies. You can post your comments ... Discussion is ON ... and so is in all Public busses.

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