Sunday, August 05, 2007

Paani Paani ... Rajdhani !

Last week, India's Capital - delhi got confused .. whether to shed tears of joy or happiness for the open sky and pleasant weather! It was 2nd August, when it started raining since early morning, early joggers too got the wind of the cool weather its going to be. Little anyone had thought how much murkier and full of disgruntlement the day will become for them.

The daemon of overnight shower created a havoc of its sorts on poor Delhi roads. Already the victim of banishment from the Municipality of Delhi, and wet underwear behavior of Government, the roads were left to their own task of soaking or managing the surplus of rain water. Sadly, the infrastructure, bowed. Tuesday morning turned out to be the worst one in this monsoon season. As delhi flew and caught the pace to rush to their respective work places, the snarls and honking were prominent scene, more than, finding noisy drums in the marriage processions.

The never wet roads turned out to be the Bathing tub for the rickshawalas, Car broke down and so does the traffic's pace. No police to man the traffic, signals were meaningless and so were the expectations from the chief minister to put even her 1/10000th attention to the fact that just 3 years down the line, This water pool city ..... err... Capital City is going to host one of the most prestigious Games Ceremony which will span the big countries from around the Globe.

I was going through the company bus and i thank lord that i subscribed to the company bus, had it been some local transport, i'd had been wishing "Good morning" to my Boss by 4'o clock!!!
The smart driver, drove around the streets to reach the office being just by an hour late!

The pictures could not rightly express the turmoil whole city went through, but surely, Delhi has lots of questions to ask this 4 year old government of how they would like to put this miserable situation in their bags? Probably miss Sheila Dixit must have lots of things to answer. Over to you Mrs. CM!!

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