Monday, August 20, 2007

A bee sting or a kiss?

Its not a long time that a small bee gave a more a BEER like thunderbolt direct on my eye-lid . I was not able to think, speak or even pose correctly when it striked.

By Each day it was pumping and swell more drastically, untill, one day i said, letz put a period to this. As i approached doc, the first thing he scared me of was of using his "machine" through which he can push and blast away all the swelling ... how typically horrible!!! It was better that medicines were a better alternative to using that machine!

Since 4-5 days, i am under the medications and feeling that things are starting to shed an blanket over the blanket of my eyes. But during these days, more than my parents, it was my boss who really got so worried predicting the black clouds of my unavailability at office. Thanks boss for your concern, i had enough holidays for this month -- So don't worry!

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon...

Say out LOUD !