Sunday, August 05, 2007

'Clash of The Titans' ... When two donkeys met!

It happens rarely ... more so, when you are roaming in posh streets of Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi and you find this Exciting, and an iconic creature coming just before me. Probably, it could have found an brotherly attraction in me or something else, i could not figure out.

Yeah, thats true! I was roaming there at weekend, when a same creature like me came across. Though, he just bowed down, thinking i look more Exaggeratedly like a donkey than him!! so i thot of one-to-one comparison. I think ... thunk ... thought, but really could not figure out who looks more smarter, my mom certainly finds the one at left as more attractive and "Handsome", so i turned to my papa. "You see, technically, the guy at left, seems more like a gentle creature, who is this donkey at right anywez?" he quizzed!

Woops!! my izzat is at stake now, so i thought to leave this to my blog readers as of who is looking smarter here?

1 comment:

Jaskiran said...

hmm.... the one on the right!! :)

Say out LOUD !