Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blue Scream of Death

Beware ...!! Now forget about the good ol days when you need at least a Oscar nominated horror flick to leave you fainted in your thoughts. The Blue line buses plying flying on delhi roads, can do just that!! or indeed more!

it all started very recently, the first week of July 2007. A blueline bus rammed into 10 cars standing decently at Raja garden Red-light, when this boulder like bus rammed onto them with little mercy and fierce blunt. It took one little life of a Ten year old kid. But alas, the worse had yet to come, day after day, the series of nonsense driving continued. Thankfully this time the government gave its tortoise like act a quit. Delhi's chief minister and Transport minister Haroon Yusuf, expressed their disgruntled feelings and ordered strict checking all over the Delhi roads.

Several buses were stopped, some justifiably but more or less unjustifiably. In all this hoopla, there was a section of society which was left Unaided and unattended ..... "The commuters". Buses or No Buses, they are always the worst sufferers who were left stranded at the bus stops, waiting endlessly to spot the bus-deserted roads and guessing what kind of treatment their bosses will give to them when they will reach their office. The situation got Topsy turvy and the government was still in a "Baby with the wet Nappy" situation.

Delhi city was once again apprehended under the unlucky situation of Exorbitant Autorickshaw walas and little bunch of D.T.C. Buses.

Bad Situational handling , false assurances and political motives dominated the aftermath of the Delhi Road Tragedies. The tale was sorrow and horrible, but takers were few! CM settled in for pushing in rules and guidelines within bus owners, not realizing that it was just a tip of an ice berg which made the whole giant Titanic to sunk deep into the watery grave!

The newspapers next morning were suggestively loud and clear that sooner it will again be Blood Pooled roads. And miserably, it didn't took much for the Blueline devil to punch its teeth once again. City was again under the menace.

Up till date, all the government did was to steam up the operations and get the speed governors get checked at each blue line bus, but seeing the response and operational architecture, it seems that its all the same and sane story of finding the inspector rather than looking for criminals!


# Via this blog, i request all those administrative executives who hold the rights to take the potential decision, to phase out an alternative plan rather than to try improve(leave alone to make then disciplined) the conditions of the bus and drivers.A private entry into the Delhi transportation will do wonders as in the case of Telecom sector.

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