Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Am i a Philosopher?

I talk to myself daily, almost daily, in the morning or late evening, just try to explore the inner myself with more expatiation. I somehow found myself to be a hungry for fun kinda person, but at the same time, i satisfies myself with a thought that i am an individual who have an outlook of a philosopher and a deep thinker.

Yeah, to some extent i am a thinking machine, i always try to explore the way beyond, somewhere in me, there is a person who wants to live the life differently, and most daringly. But, Somewhere, i found a person who is so shy and sitting in the corner of a biiig black room staring with his timid eyes and trembling fingers.

There are times, when i act thoroughly practical and extremely rock solid, but sometimes i gaze myself and say to me ... oh! you are so soft, baby, from inside! Every person is a blend of himself, having lots of smart shades hiding among his inner soul. There are something, that the world sees, but there may be something, which this world can't ... Really can't!

This could be one of the most out of the blue blog entries which dont have any meaning, but that is perhaps my best means to explore myself.

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