Thursday, May 03, 2007

Some things never change ... Like Me

I do and break my promises time and again. Every time i gets delayed in hitting with the new post ... i just promise this blog that i will be regular in hitting with some typos of mine .. but the pure business is killing this blog i suppose. But waise i love this blog a lot and won't let this die.

I alwez used to wonder, (when i started writing the blog) that how could blog ... an online public diary could be just a passion? But slowly as the cog moved , i came to realise this is a medium and ventillation to talk with oneself !!

I Hope this time... i won't break my promise!! Though i know that i won't find the time in this weekend too as My friend shashi is unfortunately getting married :( [Cheers to Him!!]

But surely i would put in my whole experience of this coming weekend. I hope this would be an ultra-special weekend for me!! A trip to Alwar, Rajasthan. Attending best friend's wedding and dhoom dhadaka .. dhol and Naach Gaana!! Lots of plans!! I hope his TO-BE has lots of Chicks around! Optimism is the Key of life ... they say :)

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