Monday, May 14, 2007

Mere Yaar ki shaadi !!

Well .... what should i say ...? Ek aur bakra halaal!! I never thot writing a blog entry about somebody's marriage on such a painful note. Sadly, as shown in the adjoining DIAGRAM, two beautiful looking people are standing with each other .. and in a quiet way taking a pledge to stay with each other for life! Looks cool? hmm? isn't it? ... Naah!! Just read on ...

Being a typical Manish, my expression would be ... Woooooooo ... bhooooo :( Shaadi!!!!!! Nahiiiiiiiii!! Well i could not understand why people marry so early? or why they marry at all? Can't they stay with each other without this pricky responsibilities tag?? I may be weired and there are many who are ready to suck even the last drop of blood from my body listening that, but its my blog .. friends ... u cant do anything :)

Coming back to the point ....
Its good to be married, and its not .... but at last its the mind boggling discussion which could never end. So just at least for this blog entry, i just stop looking for the end of the thread.

....... Feeling sleepy ... will append more withing 2-3 days ... So keep your eyes stick !

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