Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sleeping @ Office - My New Adventure !

In one of my previous post, i had mentioned about subscribing to the company bus service. Now to begin with ... let me introduce this post as the "After-effects of Previous adventure" Since waking at 6 in the morning is in itself is a bitter experience, the morning adventure is leaving me in almost damaged state throughout the day!

But hey .. no, the guy in the pic is not me! its just the reflection of me! after all every IT proffesional sleep like this only ( To the envy of his TL)

Major concern is not holding yourself post-lunch but rather steal a nap in installments to relieve yourself. After all boss must understand that this is another form of Meditation ... eh :)

Reaching home, though it used to be never before 12:30 i catch the comfort of my bed, but these dez its never late than 10:30 (woo!! my mother is happily crazy seeing the sea change in me!)

Hope this dullness will stop and i will get over with this in few days! Lots of good time is getting wasted in sleeping! :(

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