Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cast & Greed

"Unity in Diversity" - Since our childhood, we found this phrase being used as frequently as birth of a new baby in our country - India. The phrase commonly suggests that though this country is fully of vivid cultures, people and traditions, but we all in a unique spirit are equal and united.

Last week, unfortunately the country saw something astonishingly different story rather. The two different backward communities lifted their arms and weapons to protest for/against the Reservation. Meena community, the already declared ST Group stronly protested the attempt of Gujjar community to be casted as Schedule tribe instead of OBC(which holds lesser reservation quota).

What followed was the bloddy tale and politically motivated disrupt in northern india in particular. I alwez wonder how the two groups gets motivated to altercate and fume the society in bits just to seek their foolish motives.

Though the democaratic country can prolong its show-off pride in being a free for all
nation, the roots are still rotten till depth. It will require lots of "Rang De Basantis" and Lots of sensible Politicians to change it .. hopefully!! Being a concerned Indian, i hope that day will come Soon ...!!

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