Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Happy Journey ....

Luckily after much mind mash moosh .. i have subscribed to company bus service recently. The service is good.. but the real pain is waking up early and rush to board the bus before it leaves you high and dry! .. Now how could a lazy planet in me could wake so early and ruch to catch the bus ... but .. life is all about challenges !!

3 days now, and feeling good ... coming early and leaving early are appreciable. The good thing is i have found good set of people who has friendly and down to earth nature as well .. "Khoob pategi".

Couldn't find too many good faces there :) but still .. The crowd rocks! I could bravely quote my journey through bus as a Journey to Happiness. If somehow my bus mates happens to read this blog, i would like to give 'em HI5. Dudes! i had a gr8 time last evening when you all pulled my leg and ragged me :) It was fun ... REALLY! Thanks!

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