Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Parents, Re-Married!!

A classic saying --- Live life and live each day as if there is no tomorrow! We all know that each day is special, and indeed it has to be special so that the colors of joy and exuberance may be filled all over in each day.

Yesterday, wen i was busy arranging surprise gifts for my parents' anniversary(which is today), i was sure that my tomorrow is going to be beautiful and for sure!

So coming straight to the canvas ..... I had arranged some cool gifts for both mummy and papa, moreover had booked a bouquet of flowers which had to arrive 2day morning.

Morning ..(Today) , i was half asleep and waiting patiently for the door bell to rang and mummy to get the surprise of the day! But indeed the luck has something else in store.... the surprise turned out to be much more surprising for my mom...! She indeed thoought the delivery guy with the bouquet as a Beggar. Funny .. she with the folded hands turned him off saying "No ... Thank you". I am sure he must have never been embarassed in his hole life like mom cremated him! ha!!

I came rushing to door with the quest of seeing my mom in surprise... but she myself gave the surprise that he went off. OOOh!! wat a waste!! i rushed towards the Florist, get everything done and went to home back. Thank god this time my mom didnt mistook me as beggar! :)

I presented the gifts and the flowers to parents, and they were so elated, surprised, humbled, touched, ... etc etc etc.. that all they could do is to speak through their eyes as how great they were feeling at that moment. And mind you for any child, that moment is more than the life.

The good thing of today was that incidentally the Holi also clashed with my Parents' wedding anniversary. So after all the morning presents, celebrations etc, i got ready for another stint... To go wild with Holi dhamaal. Drove with friends to different places and celebrated holi with lots of colors. enjoyed to the hilt.

Later in the evening, i went with the parents to have dinner. We dined the delecious nihari mutton. and then scooped the delightful Nutty Buddy ice creams to finish off the day.

The day went smooth, peaceful and great. But the most satisfying thing was seeing my parents happy. The pleasure to see them delighted will keep me on .... to give them more precious moments in future!

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