Saturday, May 24, 2008

Barsaat ke baad ...

Last week, delhi woke up with an amazement, a sweet one indeed. In the peak summer, the weather god threw a Giftpack of respite and enjoyment. The week welcome everyone with the showers and drizzle all across the northern India. It was surpising as well as pleasing for the eyes, eyes, which now are accustomed to see the sweat and pricky sunshine.

Day 1 went smooth, as people assumed that this blessing of rain might not last long ... But wait ... records were about to be crumbled, with the pleasing disdain. During the complete last week delhi received so much rainfall that weather people were bound to classify this outrageous move of weather to an 'Out of the Blue' experience. And really, in true sense this was a electrifying experience. There were times when people preferred to stay inside to save themselves from the scorching heat, but now, people were freaking out, finding excuses from their offices to feel the freshness and coziness in the air. And that tooo .... In the MONTH OF MAY !!!

Weathermen quoted that this astounding change of weather is attributed to the western cyclonic DISTURBANCES (I wonder why they call these movement of winds as DISTURBANCES ... none of my friends is Disturbed.)

The temperature fell so much, that it touched to 29 degrees! And that was something spectacular, more so than David Blain's magic. Deserted roads were brimming with happy faces, and India Gate lawns have became the happy hunting ground once again in the noon time. Leave alone Coolers or ACs, the Fan speed has to be lowered in the night.

Among all these pleasantries ... one fear strikes in my mind though, are we really heading to some disturbance? A so called retrospective Disturbance? Is nature giving us back ... of what we gave it ... The Destruction? The global warming and Ozone layer are already heat of the topic these days.

Should we welcome this change of weather or should we keep ourselves alarmed?
If we don't realize now, perhaps one day, there could be no one left to think over this. On that day, we could get the answers ... how Dinosaurs vanished from the face of the earth?

Its the time for all of us to wake. Save Earth .. Plant more trees .. Earth calling!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Additions ... Publisher is still ALIVE !!

Hi all,

Over the period, i got fed up with the same old routine text blogging without any flavor of spicy stuff. I was just observing how the video thing like youtube or dailymotion are taking internet by storm in inducing the predominance of video in the basic use, day to day.

To keep myself updated to this wind, i just have posted one youtube video titled "Tere Bin" sung wonderfully well by Pakistani singer Atif aslam. His voice made every single word in this lyrics worth thoughtful and enjoyable.

In addition to this, i also implemented the long desired slide show of my picasa pics. This slide show can be seen at the sidebar on the right of the screen. This morning i just had shot myself for the various moods, in various flavours .. be it .. Happy, Sad, crying, amazed, startled, curious and every other mood i can think of. I am sure the readers would like to see these new things.

But i prefer to keep these embedded videos to minimal.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tere Bin .... Lonely among Crowd

<br />A Nice Video was here ... but unfortunately some problem at your end! :(<br />

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Cozy summer day!!

My morning started with a usual all rush events. Caught the bus, and chatted with friends. When it came to weather, everyone started cursing the humidity. So Morning welcomed me with sweat all across the body. Little did i know, this is going to change .... into a much pleasant observation.

Gradually as the morning approached to 10 A.M. weather turned out into a sepia contrast. The cloud shadow formed umbrella all over the Sky. This was followed by the heavy blow of winds which were like bullets of winds-storm piercing the hot weather. The wind blew with the speed of Leopard running in the forest. News channels reported it to be 104 Kmph !! The day was providing the vividness of weather and was enjoyable to watch. I faced everything, be it dust cloud which blew on my face or the Little drizzle of rain which provided much needed relief in otherwise a thorny temperature.

The whole day went past fine .. cool weather .. cozy atmosphere and everything one could ask for. But the horrific tale appeared split large on Television when i reached home at night. 4 People died and 10 injured due to minor disasters taking place, as big trees with loose roots fell on cars and elsewhere. Several vehicles crumbled under the uprooted trees made a mockery of the good weather.

Tiring week ... Sooo sleeeepyyyyyyy.

Sleep sleep and sleep, thats what i am short of ... and craving for since the start of this week! Greedy me, didn't cared enough to take an adequate rest during the weekend which was full of rush hour and computer configuration.

All i am left up with now.. is the falling shutters of my eyes and lousy feeling. Hope i will be able to steal some good sleep here and there within this week, Weekend is sooo distant and very short to complete all the humpty desires! :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Life and boundaries ....

As I am settling into the bed, my mind is whispering from inside, thinking about the all sorts of things that life holds and will present before me. There are various challenges and guidelines attached to this 80 odd years. I said 80 coz I love my life and expect myself to live at least that long.

Sometimes, I wish I could ask life all sorts of stupid questions, how and what will I get as the success? When will I be able to stand on my feet and say that in my own way, I dominate the world? When I would find the real happiness in myself, without any envy towards this world and the feeling of hatred? Answers are not easy to come by, are they?

Life moves, and like grain in the grind, we get along with it, with a mixed feeling of joy and dullness. Finding the undefined truth forgetting the Realistic presence to the mercy of our ideologies. Some day, this search will last …… last to make us realize, what we had lost in all these years.

Wirelessly Disconnected

Since the last 3 days, the things have gone beyond, way way beyond the maximum tolerance level of my patience.
The reason is not any big microsoft to yahoo type deal but a small piece of canny hardware - "Netgear Wi-Fi Router" which is giving me sleepless nights. The device seems to be unconfigurable ... and MTNL representatives seems to be always unreachable. If this goes way too far, i think i would then have to decorate this at my shelf.

Waiting for MTNL reparimen to come tomorrow.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My New Lappy !!

Ladies & Gentlemen ... Presenting my new laptop!! Yesterday(3rd May 2008) i have bought a fresh n cool look new Laptop. Full of features and workhorse. This hit piece is no offence to the pocket too.

The model is HP Pavillion dv6767TX. It is full of features and strong streamline of hardware combinations.

Its already 2:30 A.M. and i am still not able to find any reason why i should leave my new darling ... and quit to bed!! So XCuse me plz ...:)

Posting Continued on 6th May 2008

Its been just three days since i have been playing with this beauty, but its already seemingly fantastic and eloquent. The dream machine, should i say? Good in looks and great in style. I am fascinated to know that DVD Scribe technology is a handsome property of this lappy. I would surely give a try by this weekend. DVD Scribe technology is basically a way by which the DVD Writer itself scribble over the DVD Surface, as per the design, one specifies. Its cool .. no?

The laptop has started making my life far far more easy and portable. Gone are the days when i used to sit on the desktop and write the blog posts. Now i just pack all my work and settle on bed, and pen down anything and everything. They say, the great thoughts comes at the end of the day, and when the writing at the end of the day is so comfortable, why should one abstain!?

So more blogs will be raining in ... I am waiting for this weekend when i would buy a wireless router to connect my lappy to internet and make it Complete Potent (not literally .. eh!)!!

Say out LOUD !