Friday, August 24, 2007

कुछ ख़्वाब मेरे - 1

कुछ जागते हुए भी ख़्वाब रखता हूँ,
दिल में अपने आंसुओ के भी हिसाब रखता हूँ,
नही देता हूँ किसी को मौका खुद को उदास करने का
इसलिये मुस्कराहट मैं अपने होंठों के पास रखता हूँ.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A bee sting or a kiss?

Its not a long time that a small bee gave a more a BEER like thunderbolt direct on my eye-lid . I was not able to think, speak or even pose correctly when it striked.

By Each day it was pumping and swell more drastically, untill, one day i said, letz put a period to this. As i approached doc, the first thing he scared me of was of using his "machine" through which he can push and blast away all the swelling ... how typically horrible!!! It was better that medicines were a better alternative to using that machine!

Since 4-5 days, i am under the medications and feeling that things are starting to shed an blanket over the blanket of my eyes. But during these days, more than my parents, it was my boss who really got so worried predicting the black clouds of my unavailability at office. Thanks boss for your concern, i had enough holidays for this month -- So don't worry!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Call from Within ..Chak De !

Seldom, we see such a masterpiece writ so meticulously in the chapter of Bollywood's history with gracious ease and emphatic effect.

Chak de India is a story of a 'Player turned coach' who is fighting with his own world and the world outside to prove his piety and his undying dedication towards his nation ... a nation which has forlorn him and wrongly labeled him 'A Traitor' .

Chak de India is a story of the bunch of girls marshal together for Indian Hockey National team, who are though seemingly like one unit, but yet are entirely Sparrow and Hens to each other.

Chak de India is a story of fighting with adversities and coming through with punching thy fist and telling this world, you don't have dead veins to dream.

...And indeed chak de is something about more, perhaps, pretty more. Its all the fun, a joyride and an horrible canvas of stupid sports administration in india, which still has loosely screwed orthodoxical mindset which still horrifically believes that Its only men who can run this world and women are merely a birth machine or cooking institute.

Last week, i got the chance to view this marvelous masterpiece. but sadly, i was the only one who went to the movie theatre, despite of building all the plans to watch the movie with my Sister and her husband, and my parents.

The movie was good and had a decent pace, but i really somehow believe that this movie would otherwise have been successful even if Mr. Shahrukh would have been left off from this. i know some of my blog readers would find it offensive if they are really shahrukh "chak de" khan devotees, but i still feel that "Aamir" or "Saif" could also have done the justice to the role.

I liked the way the director flaunted the difference in culture. we often say that "unity in diversity" but do we really mean it? Do we really call us Indians before calling us delhi-ites or mumbai-ites? An eye-awakener, truly!

As for the girls being casted, i truly appreciate the way each girl gave their solid performance. They were above the par, and only after coming out of the theatres i was forced to believe that most of them were actually related to the Hockey in first place, and they didn't had anything to do with acting before appearing in this movie! Be it the bubbly girl from haryana .."Miss chautala" or be the "Bashing Kaur" or be it "The cutest of all eyes .. Preeti sabbarwal" every character came to life in these thorough 3 hours. Shahrukh was as immaculate and unblemished as ever. I truly like the way he said to all girls " I only know one thing "I-N-D-I-A"

The only thing i missed in this movie were good dialogues, watching bollywood ishtyle-ed movies over long period of time, we are used to the good effective, blood pumping dialogues, but sadly there were rare in this classic. Probably few readers would contest against me for this, as they would have liked the Shahrukh's pre-Final Speech to the team .. "Yeh Sattar Minute". but i felt as if it sadly became a remainder of an thoughtless attempt to present some sensational array of inspirational words.

Neverthless, i would give 8 starts to this out of 10, and would suggest every single Indian to go and watch this movie. I am sure you also won't mind being extravagant while writing one review like this in your blog. Till then .... "Chak De ...& Vande Matram!"


Sunday, August 05, 2007

'Clash of The Titans' ... When two donkeys met!

It happens rarely ... more so, when you are roaming in posh streets of Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi and you find this Exciting, and an iconic creature coming just before me. Probably, it could have found an brotherly attraction in me or something else, i could not figure out.

Yeah, thats true! I was roaming there at weekend, when a same creature like me came across. Though, he just bowed down, thinking i look more Exaggeratedly like a donkey than him!! so i thot of one-to-one comparison. I think ... thunk ... thought, but really could not figure out who looks more smarter, my mom certainly finds the one at left as more attractive and "Handsome", so i turned to my papa. "You see, technically, the guy at left, seems more like a gentle creature, who is this donkey at right anywez?" he quizzed!

Woops!! my izzat is at stake now, so i thought to leave this to my blog readers as of who is looking smarter here?

Paani Paani ... Rajdhani !

Last week, India's Capital - delhi got confused .. whether to shed tears of joy or happiness for the open sky and pleasant weather! It was 2nd August, when it started raining since early morning, early joggers too got the wind of the cool weather its going to be. Little anyone had thought how much murkier and full of disgruntlement the day will become for them.

The daemon of overnight shower created a havoc of its sorts on poor Delhi roads. Already the victim of banishment from the Municipality of Delhi, and wet underwear behavior of Government, the roads were left to their own task of soaking or managing the surplus of rain water. Sadly, the infrastructure, bowed. Tuesday morning turned out to be the worst one in this monsoon season. As delhi flew and caught the pace to rush to their respective work places, the snarls and honking were prominent scene, more than, finding noisy drums in the marriage processions.

The never wet roads turned out to be the Bathing tub for the rickshawalas, Car broke down and so does the traffic's pace. No police to man the traffic, signals were meaningless and so were the expectations from the chief minister to put even her 1/10000th attention to the fact that just 3 years down the line, This water pool city ..... err... Capital City is going to host one of the most prestigious Games Ceremony which will span the big countries from around the Globe.

I was going through the company bus and i thank lord that i subscribed to the company bus, had it been some local transport, i'd had been wishing "Good morning" to my Boss by 4'o clock!!!
The smart driver, drove around the streets to reach the office being just by an hour late!

The pictures could not rightly express the turmoil whole city went through, but surely, Delhi has lots of questions to ask this 4 year old government of how they would like to put this miserable situation in their bags? Probably miss Sheila Dixit must have lots of things to answer. Over to you Mrs. CM!!

Say out LOUD !