Monday, September 28, 2009

Lenovo Pocket Laptop - The cool thing!

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Love Aaj Kal

Dusherra .. End of An Evil Spirit or Just Another Great Holiday

The festival of Vijay Ashtami or as popularly known as Dussherra brought the joy, happiness and Holiday to all. Those who understands the meaning of observing this festival really knows the imperativeness of celebrating but for others, its just a Holiday to pass the time.

This Dussherra sadly, i did the same. I just passed the time watching here and there . From one nook of our lane to another corner of it for various effigies.

I felt lucky enough to know that we belong to few colonies wherein the celebration of dusherra was so extravagant that people from extreme south and north end of the city ventured here to have a glimpse of the brightness of the occassion.

PVR mobile ticketing application

PVR has its largest chain of cinema halls all over India. PVR has introduced a new way for booking tickets. PVR Mobile ticketing application has been developed by Tagit. It provides us with an easy way of booking tickets from mobile provided GPRS is enabled in the phone.

Download the application by sending the follwing SMS:

Send PVR to 53030 from your mobile. You will receive the download link. Click on that link to download the application. Install the application.

You can book tickets in any PVR halls in India. The mode of payment is credit card. There are additional charges applied for booking tickets. Once you are through with the ticket booking, you will receive a SMS with booking code in the mobile. You are supposed to show the SMS in the box office while collecting ticket.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Partying the Nuts off !

Last week, after a long long and longer time, we celebrated the party. After so much head mugging with all the participants, we finally drove into finalizing the date and venue of the party.

The get together(what we officially have English synonym for "Daaru party") was arranged in cool ambience of Rooftop at Gravity Restaurant, Noida . The beautiful ambience of chairs and tables lined up in perfect arrangement mused everyone to drink and drab harder. But let me first clarify, before my wife get a chance to read and misunderstood my swere of not drinking "Alcohol" -- I only drank "Mocktail" Zapatta [See, i remember the Name as well !].

The chicken platters, wings, and what not came in abundance and we had thoroughly stuffed ourselves for the next day as well ... (at least for the next Morning at least ;-)

We started back for our homes early but it was a day of abundance of joy and niceties. Will definitely be looking ahead for more such parties.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make money With Web Directory

Recently, i got to read a good article from Abhishek Deshpande's blog. The blog is about "Making good money from Web Directories."
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BlueLemonHost - The Cheap and Best Service Provider

I found a few great web hosts, which are really cheap yet reliable for Professional Website Hosting. So thought to put a review about them here.

Its one of the cheapest host i had seen on web, that too with cPanel and 99.9% uptime!
I had used it personally & its really good.

Good things about it:
- Too cheap …basic plan costs $11/yr only.
- cPanel based panel….thus really cool to manage things.
- Great link speeds….as per my tests – uplink – 3.5MBps and downlink – 2.8MBps (though appears to be little slow…but believe me its far better then expensive Dreamhost!)
- Good support….always responses with “done/solved/ok”
- Daily free backups with free restoration (nice!)
- No irritating limits on number of sub domains, sql databases & users, ftp users and even mailing lists.

Bad things about it:

- No ssh shell access (but i do accept its useless to give that in plan like $11 an year due to security reasons).
- No wget allowed (even via cron jobs) though good way out is just using ftp commands in shell but again that’s not for home users.
- Irritating limit- in $11 plan you can host only 1 addon domain & parked domain.
- No great cPanels addons like website builder or templates. (though you won’t need those ever!)

I recommend it using just for personal blogs and small professional sites because of its cost, features it just provides really solid hosting for personal blogs but because of limitations i won’t recommend it for an advanced user.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, once again.. The person, who claims before a bunch of group .. that he is a writer, Writes the immaculate blogs .. and that too boastfully .. is mercifully ... writing the first blog entry after 1 month!!

And to add to the injury... he is making hat-trick in Apologizing to the blog.. that he has really been off the touch for such a long time.

So this time, i will just silence myself by adding not much to my Self-Submission. Rather lets start with what is happening in and around me.

There are lots of things that happened in the globe around me...
- Janamashtmi (The birth of Krishna)
- Jaswant Singh (His book about jinnah)
- Chetan Bhagat (My Head-On with him at book fair on 5th September 09)
- Independence Day (This was india's so definitely i would have liked to write a post about it)
- Modular kitchen construction (Still on going on the day of writing this post)

.. and still ... i could not catch up with them ... Feeling sorry .. but let bygones be bygones ..

It will now be the start of another swere-in ceremony to post regularly! Hit it ...

Say out LOUD !