Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, once again.. The person, who claims before a bunch of group .. that he is a writer, Writes the immaculate blogs .. and that too boastfully .. is mercifully ... writing the first blog entry after 1 month!!

And to add to the injury... he is making hat-trick in Apologizing to the blog.. that he has really been off the touch for such a long time.

So this time, i will just silence myself by adding not much to my Self-Submission. Rather lets start with what is happening in and around me.

There are lots of things that happened in the globe around me...
- Janamashtmi (The birth of Krishna)
- Jaswant Singh (His book about jinnah)
- Chetan Bhagat (My Head-On with him at book fair on 5th September 09)
- Independence Day (This was india's so definitely i would have liked to write a post about it)
- Modular kitchen construction (Still on going on the day of writing this post)

.. and still ... i could not catch up with them ... Feeling sorry .. but let bygones be bygones ..

It will now be the start of another swere-in ceremony to post regularly! Hit it ...

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