Sunday, September 27, 2009

Partying the Nuts off !

Last week, after a long long and longer time, we celebrated the party. After so much head mugging with all the participants, we finally drove into finalizing the date and venue of the party.

The get together(what we officially have English synonym for "Daaru party") was arranged in cool ambience of Rooftop at Gravity Restaurant, Noida . The beautiful ambience of chairs and tables lined up in perfect arrangement mused everyone to drink and drab harder. But let me first clarify, before my wife get a chance to read and misunderstood my swere of not drinking "Alcohol" -- I only drank "Mocktail" Zapatta [See, i remember the Name as well !].

The chicken platters, wings, and what not came in abundance and we had thoroughly stuffed ourselves for the next day as well ... (at least for the next Morning at least ;-)

We started back for our homes early but it was a day of abundance of joy and niceties. Will definitely be looking ahead for more such parties.

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