Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok! all rite! Weekend came rocking once again. And what could be better than reconciling the complete last week into a single post entry on a humid sunday morning! So, in my ambition to "boys become men" theory, the first chapter opened with a bright note. Finally after lot of twitter twitter, here and there, we (me and my friend saurabh) settled on for a Ok-Ok GYM ! Monday(22nd July 08) was the day when i step ahead in the gym for the first time in my life for a professional/formal Gym Training.

Being rookie, i was electric about the whole Muscle building thing. In the sheer stroke of excitement and joy, i poured in extra effort and stamina. All i was left with was the heavily sweat soked T-Shirt and punctured body. But a joy of getting excercised and keeping thyself fit, was equally eloquent.

Nothing special happened in this week except that every single morning, i was hitting up the GYM toning my muscles, and that was a propunding feeling. The strenghthness and hardness that comes in the body after 1 hour session is joyful.

But .. But .. But ... dont ever think that this "lazy puttar" will forget to mention the tough volleys that comes along with such a workout. Day 1 belonged to Warm-ups, Day 2 was dedicated Biceps, Day 3 saw me thrusting my Triceps, 4th day was for Shoulders and finally 5th was pumping my Thighs. At the end of this week long ordeal, i was left like a carcass held jointly together by strings. Lifting either hand above 90 degrees prewarns about the impending scream.

So much so, is the pain, that i won't call today as "Celebrating Sunday", rather, i would call it as my "Recuperating Sunday". However, i have sincerely started to find charm charisma in well shaped body, stronger Biceps, Arms and Abs. within one week, i have started to find, a confidence in wearing smart T-Shirts, and hope my efforts would pay me more by adding into my looks! Aameen! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The summary speech of the skit

Dialogues - Summary of Skit

Dekha Aapne? Insaan chota ho ya bada, dhanwaan ho ya nirdhan, roopwaan ho ya kuroop, uski pehchaan uske vyavahar se hi hoti hai. Jeene ko to pashu bhi jee lete hain, parantu, ek Manushya …..[gives a pause] … nods head horizontally … Ek Sacha Manav(speaks boldly) wo hai .. jo auro ke liye jiye.

Yeh kahani sirf ek kirdaar Manav sharma ki nahi, Yeh kahani aapki hai [Points left] Yeh kahaani aapki hai [Points center] aur Yeh kahani aapki bhi hai [Points right]

Iss daudti hui zindagi mein, rishto mein pyar, aur, dilo mein izzat kahi kho si gayi hai. Samay hai ki hum sankalp kare,

Hum khud se sankalp kare – Ki kisi rote hue insaan ko bharosa na sahi to do shabd khushi ke de jaayenge.
Hum khud se sankalp kare = Ki kisi chote starr ke insaan ko izzat dekar kuch ucha uthayenge
Hum khud se sankalp kare ….. Ki khud apne khuda ko, Hum Manav Bankar dikhayenge.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yeh Kaisi Maaya Hai??

Watching TV ca be a juicy timepass for most of those Saas and Bahus who had a liking for Million Series TV Serials, or You girls who had fallen into the trap of sugary romantic heroes and their gimmicks on the small screen. And to some extent it applies to boys who wish to steal a petty glance to the models. But i am rare visitor at my dining room to see the Television.

Just today, after dinner, thot to give a glance on TV shows. Came to know that Mayawati is being proposed to the world of poliics in a big way. After manmohan, the government from the opposition team is witting to see her in the prime position. It is really stupendous and amazing to see, a women with no political background making herself the cynosure of all eyes.

Lets see what future beckons ..

What is the last post about?

If, besides me, you happen to be an avid reader of my amateur blog, you would be wondering about the last post. Thats true, my last post was like a sunlight in the rain..."An example of total inappropriateness" Thats why this post.

So let me open the covers one by one. The last post is nothing but the outline of the story of a Skit, which our team is going to perform at our Department's Party. Yes, a big party is lined up and for that we have taken the initiative to do a Skit. Now it was very tough and belligerent on our behalf to think and come up with a conclusive story. the ardous task was to choose a Humorous story and then present it with all sorts of masala in it. Sadly, it does not go well with my opinion. However, Everyone sat together for meeting, and then again a meeting, and then followed by another one.

I was persistent about doing some meaningful comedy or i could also have bargained for the humor part if our story could throw some meaningful message to everyone. "we can put comedy within the lines" I quoted to everyone. Most of the members were circumspect. They liked the idea of doing some silly yet funny comedy, like making a mockery of famous reality shows, for instance - Kaun banega Crorepati, Dus ka Dum etc.

I knew, untill i give them a strong jaw dropper of a story, i would not be able to get their nod. however, before punching the day, they concluded that they are going to go ahead with Reality show stuff. End of the day and my mind was busy exploring the social stuff, world around me ... or Indeed "Mera Jahaan".

During my journey back home, there were several things that stucked in my mind. People, poor life, deprivation, Diseases etc. I Had discussion with my father, as he was a pro in his office days. He came up with some cool ideas about the plays, short stories. While having conversation with him, i just came up with a bright fervor.

I projected, a story which deals with the life of a man whose life changes when all of a sudden all the ancillary services like Barber, Milkman, security officer, sweeper, and several other cease to work for him.
  • He gets a big jolt and realizes how important they were for his petty life. He realises, the importance of Human-ness.
  • He realizes that Human is born just like Human, its just that circumstances changes their status in society. Everyone needs to be looked in the same honor and Regard.
I thought about it ... and again. will this work, will everyone agree? On our next meeting at office, i put this idea before everyone. As i was fully convinced with the idea, the confidence and anticipation came automatically to me. I was apprehensive. Everyone looked zooming with the story. And thus, we fixed upon this one. I was elated. Having the strong understanding of the character and story line, i was labelled to be the main(central) character.

Now these days we are working all our wits and staminas to crack this up. We had a bad appraisal in our department, and everyone was down, reluctant, but i still feel that i would again get good support as we are very close to our final screening .

i would wish myself "ALL THE BEST" for my first Directorial venture.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008





MILKMAN -Our story starts on the morning of a muggy morning, a Central character, named “Manash” getting ready for the office. While getting ready he informs that he would not like to have tea as he is too full. The doorbell rangs, his wife went on to open the door to receive the milkman. Seeing the delay of the milk delivery, he clamours upon the milkman, and insults him to the hilt.


BARBER - He visits a local barber, while having haircut, Manash keeps on tilting from one side to another as he was sleepy. This causes lot of discomfort for the barber but still he tries to have a gentle haircut for him. During this adjustments, the barber trips off and by accidentally injures Manash. He asks for forgiveness, but manash is relentless. He is not willing to listen, he wanted the cutting free of cost and also asks the barber for a public apology. Barber is disgusted, as it was just because manash, this thing happened.


SWEEPER – On his way back to home, in a rush, he is busy on the cell phone, and was so lost in the telephonic conversation, that he forgets that he is moving across the area which a local sweeper is cleaning up with the broom. The accident strikes back. The sweeper unknowingly blows off all the dust on him as he was coming from the wrong side, the side, from where sweeper would not have imagined somebody could come, after seeing him sweeping the road.

Manash gets irritable again. He clamours upon the sweeper, he has a funny and heated argument with sweeper. In the midst of anger he slaps the sweeper. Sweeper being a negligible person, prefers to stay quiet. He is standing there ashamed, without his fault, and Manash leaves boastfully like he has conquered a dynasty.


SECURITY GUARD – On reaching office, while parking his car, he notices the security guard standing far, he disgustfully calls him to let him park his car. He accidentally bumps the car on the tree[“here the accident should be entirely from the Manash’s side, the security guard is innocent”].

Manash again is furious over the fact that security guard is sleeping on his duty, he does not know how to let the vehicle be parked. He furiously hurls handful of abuses to security and makes him embarrass before his friends.

He moves on to his work …..

Friday, July 11, 2008

The changing times...

One could easily accumulate all the astonishment in just one flush of thoughts when one sees the changing world and society around.

But more than anything, it is the change in the way children present themselves, or could one say, its amazing how smarter kids have became.

As i m sitting stuffed between the big bulky co-passengers, i can nt find a better way to entertain myself than writing this post. However, i cudnt have done any other thing whilst being packed like a neglected piece of tomatoe between two big buns (or shud i say BUMS ;)

One more very special thing which is propelling me to write this are KIDS. They r everywhere around me. Spread like the

Say out LOUD !