Sunday, July 20, 2008

What is the last post about?

If, besides me, you happen to be an avid reader of my amateur blog, you would be wondering about the last post. Thats true, my last post was like a sunlight in the rain..."An example of total inappropriateness" Thats why this post.

So let me open the covers one by one. The last post is nothing but the outline of the story of a Skit, which our team is going to perform at our Department's Party. Yes, a big party is lined up and for that we have taken the initiative to do a Skit. Now it was very tough and belligerent on our behalf to think and come up with a conclusive story. the ardous task was to choose a Humorous story and then present it with all sorts of masala in it. Sadly, it does not go well with my opinion. However, Everyone sat together for meeting, and then again a meeting, and then followed by another one.

I was persistent about doing some meaningful comedy or i could also have bargained for the humor part if our story could throw some meaningful message to everyone. "we can put comedy within the lines" I quoted to everyone. Most of the members were circumspect. They liked the idea of doing some silly yet funny comedy, like making a mockery of famous reality shows, for instance - Kaun banega Crorepati, Dus ka Dum etc.

I knew, untill i give them a strong jaw dropper of a story, i would not be able to get their nod. however, before punching the day, they concluded that they are going to go ahead with Reality show stuff. End of the day and my mind was busy exploring the social stuff, world around me ... or Indeed "Mera Jahaan".

During my journey back home, there were several things that stucked in my mind. People, poor life, deprivation, Diseases etc. I Had discussion with my father, as he was a pro in his office days. He came up with some cool ideas about the plays, short stories. While having conversation with him, i just came up with a bright fervor.

I projected, a story which deals with the life of a man whose life changes when all of a sudden all the ancillary services like Barber, Milkman, security officer, sweeper, and several other cease to work for him.
  • He gets a big jolt and realizes how important they were for his petty life. He realises, the importance of Human-ness.
  • He realizes that Human is born just like Human, its just that circumstances changes their status in society. Everyone needs to be looked in the same honor and Regard.
I thought about it ... and again. will this work, will everyone agree? On our next meeting at office, i put this idea before everyone. As i was fully convinced with the idea, the confidence and anticipation came automatically to me. I was apprehensive. Everyone looked zooming with the story. And thus, we fixed upon this one. I was elated. Having the strong understanding of the character and story line, i was labelled to be the main(central) character.

Now these days we are working all our wits and staminas to crack this up. We had a bad appraisal in our department, and everyone was down, reluctant, but i still feel that i would again get good support as we are very close to our final screening .

i would wish myself "ALL THE BEST" for my first Directorial venture.

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