Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok! all rite! Weekend came rocking once again. And what could be better than reconciling the complete last week into a single post entry on a humid sunday morning! So, in my ambition to "boys become men" theory, the first chapter opened with a bright note. Finally after lot of twitter twitter, here and there, we (me and my friend saurabh) settled on for a Ok-Ok GYM ! Monday(22nd July 08) was the day when i step ahead in the gym for the first time in my life for a professional/formal Gym Training.

Being rookie, i was electric about the whole Muscle building thing. In the sheer stroke of excitement and joy, i poured in extra effort and stamina. All i was left with was the heavily sweat soked T-Shirt and punctured body. But a joy of getting excercised and keeping thyself fit, was equally eloquent.

Nothing special happened in this week except that every single morning, i was hitting up the GYM toning my muscles, and that was a propunding feeling. The strenghthness and hardness that comes in the body after 1 hour session is joyful.

But .. But .. But ... dont ever think that this "lazy puttar" will forget to mention the tough volleys that comes along with such a workout. Day 1 belonged to Warm-ups, Day 2 was dedicated Biceps, Day 3 saw me thrusting my Triceps, 4th day was for Shoulders and finally 5th was pumping my Thighs. At the end of this week long ordeal, i was left like a carcass held jointly together by strings. Lifting either hand above 90 degrees prewarns about the impending scream.

So much so, is the pain, that i won't call today as "Celebrating Sunday", rather, i would call it as my "Recuperating Sunday". However, i have sincerely started to find charm charisma in well shaped body, stronger Biceps, Arms and Abs. within one week, i have started to find, a confidence in wearing smart T-Shirts, and hope my efforts would pay me more by adding into my looks! Aameen! :)

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