Thursday, October 02, 2008

Decoding Gandhi

If you didn't got the habbit of going about the title before reading the article, you must be reading this .... ! I am not going to expatiate gandhi, his personal life and the wonders or ironies he did to the society or country.

Today, when the whole country is Observing Gandhi jayanti, many people are sitting in the home and pacifying their souls as there is no work today. The national holiday in some sense brings the feeling of joy and relievement, but also brings the feeling of our responsibility towards the freedom fighters and their spirits with which they selflessly fought for their rights, freedom and happiness.

There are very few who can identify the grave situations, the pain, the opressed feeling what would have went in the minds of the slave indians. Then, there arose few who took the charge, they came out of their bed, to raise their voice against the british rule.

Though, in my mind, a thought of "would the country be more successful under british raj?" still pervails and boggles my mind both ways. This is still under preliminary stages of debatable competition in my mind, but i would definitely post something soon.

Coming back to Mahatma gandhi, i personall didn't liked his ideologies, and horribly, they somehow become the laughter stock when i used to read them in books at my school days. Just imagine, how a rowdy teenager will intercept the principle of "Present another cheek when slapped on one"? The generation today is changing .... changing very fastly. The kids are getting sharper and blunt day by day, and the old principles are repeatedly being replaced by new ones.

Gandhi may be a sarcasm, he may be a Disciple of his own beliefs, but surely, the world has left gandhi in the past ... they have learnt to move in their own way, the way they know best ... (and for that matter, just opposite to what gandhi-ism is.)

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