Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting out and In ....

hmmf ... Cruel days ! Lots of readers of my blog would have known about my habbit of doing a disappearing act time and again. Regular postings have became the matter of distant nobility for me. But i always try to post something or the other quality facts and stuff around me. In my endavour to do so, i have clicked so many pics round here and there ... of which i would soon made a collage video or post it "as is".

Meanwhile, lots of new things happened in life ... and are about to happen soon. Lets not dig into personal stuff here, after all its a Public Whiteboard!

So, it was all about the tapping fingers on they laptop's keys, and i am once again on the groove to flood this blog once again.

So guys ... "Author is still Alive...", More postings coming soon. Keep watching this space !

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