Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rising Again ...

How often did we realise in life, that we breath through the fresh air, and our body, just propels with the soothing feeling of joy, enthusiasm and undying spirit. It's the single blog since long time, and over the period of my absence, i was just doing what i had mentioned, right at the start. ..... Breathing the fresh air, fresh air of my life . When i last penned down my thoughts in this blog, i was right on the way to settle my new life. And, now, when i am feathering the blog's compose window, with my keystrokes, my life has changed, changed a lot ... indeed.

So, first thing first, I changed my Marital status from "Single" to "Married" !! Yeah i know, there are lots of unknown girls to me, who would be disappointed to see me getting married .... or they may not, infact :) ... but on the serious note, i found the perfect match as my life partner. And, within very few time, we have strong chemistry matching up, and i would attribute this entirely to her ability of being jovial and sensitive; frank and mature at the same time.

She is truly a heart winner. And in the sincere sense, i would also wish to dedicate this blog to her. Her name is "Rashmi". There are few things which are not just said, they are just understood. I learnt quite a handful of this phrase from her. She is subtle yet bubbly, easy go lucky and very determined.

Ya... i know praising wives too much is not the usual mentality of Regular Husband's bandwagon, but still ... these are the initial days, so let me add some flowery stuff to this blog, so that at least Rashmi does not object to my habbit of writing blogs. :)

In addition to this, temperature at office has risen to the next level due to the implementation of SAP, this being a major project, is taking a toll on my personal life, but still professional life also to be taken care of, and a understanding partner and family surely helps you to Stand the tough times with ease. I am thankful that i have both - i.e. An understanding partner and good parents.

Thats enough for today, this is the best thing i could have done on this sunny but chilly sunday afternoon. Recalling the last six months are not so easy, but surely the tide of time has started afresh and i am already on the lucky roller coaster.

I pray to the god, that may this new year bring Prosperity and success to both of us and our families.

Happy New Year to all readers !!

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