Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rakhi festive and Innocuous beliefs

Yesterday, like every year, with all the zeal, we were pumped about celebrating rakhi with our brothers and sisters. The morning saw us getting ready early and making a swift exit to our parental uncle's (mama) house. The day was written to be refreshing as it involves meeting lots of people who we seldom meet or can't find much portion of time.

Everything was scripted to be perfect untill we found that the other than the traffic on the road and our punctuality, there is some other element involved that has to decide when should .. or infact at what time, we should observe the festive.

As i reached my Mama's house, he welcomed us with the fact that priests has suggested a specific time period ... Holy time period ... that is, for tying the rakhi on brother's wrist. Now what the time has to do with tying the rakhi? and i just had a triffle of doubt, how are priests and rakhi connected with each other? we were not worshiping any god? do we? yet our complete family and relatives were generously admanant to believe the mindless-beliefs without having any perpetual logics behind.

So, here how our Dear pandit ji has drafted the time table for the occassion .. no ... "Auspicious Occassion". The rakhi is to be tied from 10 A.M. till 11:30 A.M. if you fail to do so, then the next auspicious occassion falls between 2:35 P.M. till 4:00 P.M. Panditji was surely giving enough workout schedule.

Amongst all this, after a day, being an un-revolutionised part of it, i feel that i may safely call this .. "Rubbish", a mindless gathering of Rubbish. The world will not stop if one stops believing this idiotic pandits, who just make even breathing a HOLY habbit. There is no boundations on living, but this auspicious timings and age-old paradigms are certainly a lost of sense to me.

This is a time, when we as a society must look beyond this immaturish digging of hapless beliefs. Time is that we should make a mark by working hard for us, and not to please the GOD, for whom we don't even know how his protocols work?

We all must thank god for our existence, for auto-balancing everything in and around us, but whilst, let not these helpless freaks(priests) take the cue of it.

Salute to the power which created us.

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