Monday, August 04, 2008

Felony of Mankind - A bloody tale

Last month, country saw the gore , the unsaid and fearful gory scenes were split wide open before the world to see. It all started with the south wing of the indian IT Hub, Banglore. The IT City was shocked to see what happened within few odd minutes. 9 serial blasts rocked the epicenter of the commercial establishments and fearfully propogated the reason for belief that its always common man that has to bear the brunt of his existence, and may sometimes has to pay his dear life.

It didn't mattered that day, who cared to extend his help as for what purpose, or at which condition. It was all the feirce exhibition of horrible story, brutally written and staged by the screwed minds who went ahead to attack the innocents. These were the small bombs but were powerful enough to create the flutter in the air, and infact snatched so many sons from their mother, husband from a wife or a brother from a sister.

But story of this brutality didn't ends here. It was worse.. ... the worst has yet to come. The very next day, country, no .. the whole world was amazed to see how easily a country felt itself on her knees by the outstray of the horrible terrorism. This time, it was Ahemdabad, Capital city of Gujrat, Lots of lives lost, and human flesh was lying here and there like the broken pieces of glass.

These bombs might have shooked the two cities to the great hilt, but more than that, the scare factor in living simple, for a common man, has multiplied into the Ogre!

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