Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to Business

Once again ... its been such a long time, since i hit the blog posting. Sadly, due to one thing or another, last week kept me aside from doing the thing i really liked ... BLOGGING! But, don't tend to think that i hit the magic lamp and i was busy throughout last week ... to find the pleasing ways to make genie give his elusive appearance. Neither i was grossed into a Harry Potter and weaving the magical web around me. Though i thank god, that i never got the chance to go through even the first part of the harry potter series. my mom thanks me for that, and to the fact that i still think that Brooms in my house dont fly!!

The last week was different, there were some unmentionable incidences, plus, few surprising and cheerful moments, yet, still they are unmentionable in a way.

So, let me come straight on the clear picture, and leave the classification of incidences. The nice thing we get in this week was a new office.

From the old crappy featureless, horror hall building, we shifted to the new palace, 'ooo wow' looking building. Ultra cool Air Conditioner, A golf field like Reception area, multi-tier broad floors with cool comfy infrastructure and polished floors all around were thouroughly competitive and energetic on their own.

"Lagta hai Gareeb sheher mein aa gaye hain", one of my friend quoted. And correctly so, we were now feeling the essence of working with the Giant Indian MNC. That is so true that the workplace boosts the healthy temperament and spirit within. We are glad with the space and looking forward for some place where we can arrange a Cricket match ... well ... who would protest .. after all ... "Boys will be boys!"

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