Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Lonely Intersection!

Every dog has his gud day .. and even has a bad day. But dog doesn't howl .. growl or bark on seeing the twist in his fortunes! But humans do! when somehow they find themselves standing lonely on a busy intersection of the road of life .. but they dont know where the right path is and where he/she should move ahead... they do! Similar thing happned to me today.

Right since the morning .. i was desperate to make a gud use of "oh so rare" SUNDAY! Though indeed i got a bit sick sitting at home for whole saturday .. so thot to get on seeing the new Dhoom sequel to energize my sleeping senses!

Got out from the home telling ma family that i would be going wid my friend for his b'day party ... (which was actually planned earlier) .. His plan took a backtrack ... i then thot to go to some nearby cinema so i could get to see the new fantastic action packed movie. Things were not scripted for me.... All shows were going house full ... and y they should not be ? Dhoom 2 has juz released this friday and the whole Gen X, Y and Z are going crazy over the speeding bikes shown in a spanky style with glamour thrown in like the tomato sauce on tasty omellete!

Anyhow ... i reluctantly came out of the cinema's arena .. and strolled towards no- where .. i was juz moving .. reluctantly ... all doors closed... no where to watch movie .. no where to go ...!
When i got close to moti nagar metro stn. i saw a genral store and took a burger! Then decided to get to mandi house to view the drama.

I realised that in this whole scenario i was also becomming the part of this drama. I went up to catch the metro .. The escalators were all fun to board.. I alwez get happy like a child when i get over them!

The station was luking swanky as alwez.... Everything was perrrfect including ticket counters! Sadly there were no girl attendants! :(

wen i reachd mandi house ... my belief towards the bad day got more stronger and evident. Mandi house ws staging a drama on children.. Shriram center closed,
Afer a slight hesitation.. went to kamani audi. .. the show was already started and there was some oddissi culture exhibition. The day ended but perhaps i am happy coz in this process i have learnt that i can be a happy DOG even if i am STADING on the INTERSECTION of THE ROAD LONELY.

Friday, November 24, 2006

A strange predicament ..

Blog is somewhat i alwez fantasize to enter and post into ... but somehow whenever i get my fingers polished to write few words about myself or the variant things happening around me ... i lose the words and thots! There is something strange to it coz an avid blogger fans dont usually land themselves into this sort of trouble.

But the clever bloggers knew somehow how to make their irritating dilemma of "What to Write" to another topic of the blog! Thats what i did!

There are some things around me happening which are quite exciting like the riots .. accidents (horrible though), some crazy people and kewl talks .. some office stuff .. some girlish stuff, some horrible ass-aching torrid time in the local busses but could not possibly find time to put them into here.

Yeah sometime life gets jerky, sometimes .. it gets hectic but i believe that blogging is the best thing i could vent my whole misery upon!

But i know one thing, even after writing this blog, even next time when i will jump into blogger to write another few words .. i would be standing like a cow ... having a very little idea about what to write! but thank god... "BLOGGERS ARE BOUND TO GIVE BIRTH TO IDEAS"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Words -- The sweetest song!

This is one of the most beautiful song i hav ever heard.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

DON - What a waste!!

juz a week back i got a chance to view the much wastefully hyped sk starrer DON(remake). and to tell the truth if u have or haven't seen the old Bog B don .. this Sk don is really a mere piece of shit! I am not finding the worst words to award this trash work. But i would strongly suggest any1 to rather go to zoo and watch variety of animals than seeing only a Monkey acting like DON without creating any DON like engma or terror!

I know i am a HAter for SK but still i can't find any story ... if there is any .. thats juz copied straight out of old don't book!

I was all embarrased watching the movie with my frenz ... who were luking out to have a blast time at the movie. AND see wat they had done to the "Khaike paan banaras waala superhit oldie" Remakes are strict NO - NO aaj ke baad!

I hope shahrukh would learn the lesson pretty fast .. and so will farhan akhtar . DONT GO TO WATCH IT ...PLLZZZZZ.!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

I am moving in here -- Google GOD!

Its been almost an year when i was sticking to yahoo 360. Its a nice concept of blogging ... but there are some of the things i am looking in ma blog. like blogspot has got the search within the blog kinda thing which is abscent in there! Though i feel it nice .. but still feel that blogger is a kewl place to post my thots in ... so most probly i would be posting all my blogs on in here and not to my 360 blog Hope i get the complete value of my expectations :) .. well here is it .. thats the thing i miss here .. The Smileys ... Google has awesome smileys .. but well have to live with it ! Unless google thinks otherwise!

Though there are lot many differences .. some haves some have nots! but thats all rite!

So see me here from now on ...!

Say out LOUD !