Friday, November 03, 2006

I am moving in here -- Google GOD!

Its been almost an year when i was sticking to yahoo 360. Its a nice concept of blogging ... but there are some of the things i am looking in ma blog. like blogspot has got the search within the blog kinda thing which is abscent in there! Though i feel it nice .. but still feel that blogger is a kewl place to post my thots in ... so most probly i would be posting all my blogs on in here and not to my 360 blog Hope i get the complete value of my expectations :) .. well here is it .. thats the thing i miss here .. The Smileys ... Google has awesome smileys .. but well have to live with it ! Unless google thinks otherwise!

Though there are lot many differences .. some haves some have nots! but thats all rite!

So see me here from now on ...!

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