Friday, November 24, 2006

A strange predicament ..

Blog is somewhat i alwez fantasize to enter and post into ... but somehow whenever i get my fingers polished to write few words about myself or the variant things happening around me ... i lose the words and thots! There is something strange to it coz an avid blogger fans dont usually land themselves into this sort of trouble.

But the clever bloggers knew somehow how to make their irritating dilemma of "What to Write" to another topic of the blog! Thats what i did!

There are some things around me happening which are quite exciting like the riots .. accidents (horrible though), some crazy people and kewl talks .. some office stuff .. some girlish stuff, some horrible ass-aching torrid time in the local busses but could not possibly find time to put them into here.

Yeah sometime life gets jerky, sometimes .. it gets hectic but i believe that blogging is the best thing i could vent my whole misery upon!

But i know one thing, even after writing this blog, even next time when i will jump into blogger to write another few words .. i would be standing like a cow ... having a very little idea about what to write! but thank god... "BLOGGERS ARE BOUND TO GIVE BIRTH TO IDEAS"

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Jaskiran said...

i like the idea!!

Say out LOUD !