Saturday, November 04, 2006

DON - What a waste!!

juz a week back i got a chance to view the much wastefully hyped sk starrer DON(remake). and to tell the truth if u have or haven't seen the old Bog B don .. this Sk don is really a mere piece of shit! I am not finding the worst words to award this trash work. But i would strongly suggest any1 to rather go to zoo and watch variety of animals than seeing only a Monkey acting like DON without creating any DON like engma or terror!

I know i am a HAter for SK but still i can't find any story ... if there is any .. thats juz copied straight out of old don't book!

I was all embarrased watching the movie with my frenz ... who were luking out to have a blast time at the movie. AND see wat they had done to the "Khaike paan banaras waala superhit oldie" Remakes are strict NO - NO aaj ke baad!

I hope shahrukh would learn the lesson pretty fast .. and so will farhan akhtar . DONT GO TO WATCH IT ...PLLZZZZZ.!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i dont think your opinion about 'DON-remake' is full true, as for Mr. Khan's acting i will not try to alter your opinion but 'DON' as a movie??? i would suggest you go through the below URL(copy/paste in the browser or 'Click' on it)


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