Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Year

First of All, I Wish those who read my blog ... and to Those who makes others Read My Blog .. A Very Happy New Year 2010
The year 2009 went into the treasury of the past and left the too many precious and magnifed memories for us. We strived and shivered hard fearing the Global Economy meltdown, which eventually didn't bothered us too much thankfully. But the year, made the Economy come out like a winner from the Darkness of the Late 2008.

But indeed, apart from discussing about the precarious economic situation, which you could have found in any Big Economic newspaper, let me find chance to come to the more meaningful things that took place in the last year.

Well, i celebrated the first anniversary (grr. .. that's not a news though .. every year i have to do that, just the counter will be moving forward!). We just enjoyed the second stint at the Air journey into Goa - A happening place i must say!

Besides that ... the life was a usual machine ... lots of work, parties and Enjoyment!! But sitting here on the outset of the new Year, the mind revolves around the desperations and aspirations that are pre-written before the start of each day .. and appear like a Stamped Postcard. Every day has the meaning, and to justify that .. is the Effort of each day.

I welcome the new year with the Equal Zeal and Enthusiasm. May this new year bring the prosperity for my family and friends.

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