Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti - The Horrible disaster

The Earth takes the deadliest penalty for its sincere silence from the Easy going humankind. The motherly earth this time showed the World that Earth is the blend of peace and fierceness that lies in its clutches. The year started with the Horrible disaster in the form of Catastrophic Earthquake on the Ritcher Scale of 7.0 Mw. in Haiti, very close to Port-Au-Prince, the capital on 12th January 2010.

It is estimated that the killer catastrophe has took around 5 Lacs lives and the bodies are still buried under the piles of Cement and deadly debris of Concrete. One can choose to see the Television screens all across the news channels, the Deadly dance of horrible death making the life come to an Unprecedented halt for the Several innocent lives in just a wink of the moment.

This is the time that we should pray for those innocent beings who have lost their lives in this mishap. Google has started the Haiti Earthquake Crisis Response wing where you can contribute for the welfare of the sufferers and survivors. We wish all the well being for the families that have lost their loved ones.

God Bless All.

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