Thursday, October 29, 2009

Windows 7 - The Re-Emergence from the Bewilderness

By the End of the October 2009, Microsoft has launched the most awaited version of Windows - Windows 7. And this time, the wait was from the Other side, it was not the consumers (who were particularly still busy in trying establishing the Nuts and Bolts of Windows Vista - The Earlier version of Windows. So it was ideally the Developers and Microsoft Inc. which was eager to launch the new version on Board.
Around 22nd October 2009, Microsoft launched the Polished and Eloquent version of their Windows with usual Fanfare and glitters. Hoarding, leaflets and heavy promotion everywhere. Now, i am in the quest to try the so Called rescuer of pain and Re-Structuring of the ease, may the best of time comes when the world will get used to the next Revolution in Windows Operating System. The Convergence is still ON !

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mission 100

When you claim yourself to be "A Writer" before this innocent world, and you boast like anything, there should be a decent figure of number of blog posts that must accompany you along to support your funny claims.

Recently, i was amazed to know that it was only 40+ blog postings i did till date during this year. That is very low considering the way i promote the purpose of writing and inside-out feelings that i spread like bird's wings. The blog has surely added contentment and a purpose of my writing. It added the creativity in the way i express and keep my point, but still boasting on such a "44" count does not necessarily serve the viewing pleasure of any of the reader.

I have thus, planned to make the count to 100 by the time this year Finishes! I wish to conver everything i had left in the haze of my marriage and the life after that. Though, no plans of past posting as i do not find it very fair.

So , lets calculate this post as a Pledge, a Swear, a Determination ... And bring it to 100

The Ducklings and Hairdryer

Seeing this, i just thought that it's a best bet to take the Hairdryer along on my next Beach Vacation!!

The Master Plan ..

The funny Comics ...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Enroute to Great Personality

MindTools - Website Review

Just while seeking to implant good communication skills and proactive writing habbits(more so on this blog), i stumbled upon a great site. This site has lots of articles related to various tips and tricks related to building a better personality.

I was impressed with the look and feel and the simplicity with which the various articles are categorized into the easily navigable sections that provides the lucid browsing experience.

Just to get a taste of strengh of the article's inevitable vocabulary, i just jumped into one of the Reasonably Titled article "Making a Great First Impression". The article first was initiated with the brief overview and then moved to explain each imperative topic in graceful point by point manner.
The reader thus does not feel the burden of being imparted the complete theseis and theory. One can understand by just reading the outline and may follow the article in depth if liked by him.
In all, i would definitely recommend the reading freaks like me to "have a Go" at least once on this Site..
Happy Browsing ...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Say out LOUD !