Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mission 100

When you claim yourself to be "A Writer" before this innocent world, and you boast like anything, there should be a decent figure of number of blog posts that must accompany you along to support your funny claims.

Recently, i was amazed to know that it was only 40+ blog postings i did till date during this year. That is very low considering the way i promote the purpose of writing and inside-out feelings that i spread like bird's wings. The blog has surely added contentment and a purpose of my writing. It added the creativity in the way i express and keep my point, but still boasting on such a "44" count does not necessarily serve the viewing pleasure of any of the reader.

I have thus, planned to make the count to 100 by the time this year Finishes! I wish to conver everything i had left in the haze of my marriage and the life after that. Though, no plans of past posting as i do not find it very fair.

So , lets calculate this post as a Pledge, a Swear, a Determination ... And bring it to 100

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